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2016 Dust World Exposition

Posted by Brian on

I got a chance to visit the 2015 Dust World Exposition at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona last year. The Dust World Expo takes place inside a historical aircraft museum. so While participating you will be surrounded by real WW2 exhibits as well as full scale Dust props and costumed characters playing your favorite Dust Heroes and Heroines. It is also home to the famous Sentimental Journey B-17 and interior walk through tours are offered.

Though it was over 100 degrees outside in February it was very much worth going. I had a lot of fun and met so many amazing table top gamers, along with the creator of Dust Tactics Paolo Parente. A few months ago I received a fairly large order for our Desert Sands Terrain Gaming Mat in the Vinyl Matz material. I was excited to hear they would be using them for the 2016 dust World Expo. I couldn’t make it there this year but Patrick Doty was kind enough to share these photos with us that missed the event.

The desert terrain they used sure looks nice and compliments the vinyl game mats used. One of the major benefits of vinyl games mats is how easy they are to store, especial when you have to cover 16 gaming tables. Check out the pictures below and enjoy. If you are interested in this mat you can check it out here:

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