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ProMatz - Industrial Grade Gaming Mats by Game Matz

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The worlds first customizable industrial grade gaming mat for boardgames, card games, and tabletop miniatures - ProMatz™ customizable tabletop armor enhances game play.

WHY PROMATZ™ - We are the worlds first customizable industrial grade game mat. Not only have we have raised the bar, we have created a new standard in table top gaming. Hands down no other game mat company compares to our quality. ProMatz™ is aggressively pushing the boundaries of tabletop gaming …and people have noticed!

SUPERIOR QUALITY - While other mousepad type mats may last a year or two before they start peeling and falling apart. Our ProMatz™ will last a lifetime of gameplay. We have tested our ProMatz™ material for years and it can take more abuse than any other game mat on the market.

THE ORIGINAL - The worlds first customizable industrial grade game mat for boardgames, card games, and tabletop miniatures.


Our ProMatz are a revolutionary felt-lik, rubber backed roll up game mat for serious war gaming performance.

Space Themed Miniatures Games - Our space gaming mats are ideal for games like Star Wars X-Wing miniatures, Star Wars Armada and Star Trek Attack Wing.

Superior Tabletop Wargaming - ProMatz battle terrain mats were designed and tested for games like Warhammer, 40K, Dust Tactics / Battlefield, Flames of War and Bolt Action.

Perfect for Board Games -  ProMatz are perfect for boardgames, not only do they protect your table they help keep tiles, boards, bits and pieces from moving around when bumped.

Collectible Card Games - ProMatz soft to the touch upper helps protect your cards as well as make it easier to pick up cards.

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