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Shadows of Brimstone Game Mat Pictures

Posted by Brian on

One of our customer shared some pictures of the vinyl game mat she purchased from us. The game being played is Shadows of Brimstone which is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!

What I love about vinyl game mats is the price, they are normally about half the price of the mouse pad material game mats and our signature ProMatz which are our top of line gaming mats. Printing on vinyl for the past 20 years and working with it daily I still think Vinyl is the way to go for an affordable game mat. The only draw back can sometimes be a glare on the vinyl under certain light sources. Even though we do print on a glare-free heavy weight outdoor matte vinyl, CMYK inks just are not glare-free.

Attached are a couple pictures that show off this glare, which may just be from her direct camera flash.

“We just received a vinyl mat from you, Concrete Floor Vinyl Tabletop War Gaming Mat (VM0047) and we are very pleased with it and currently using it. Here are two pictures of us playing Shadows of Brimstone on the vinyl mat!”