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WarGods of Aegyptus Game Mat Pictures at Cold Wars - Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

Posted by Brian of GameMatz on

As you know by now we love it when our customers share their photos with us. One of our ProMatz customers shared some photos from the Cold Wars Convention with WarGods of Aegyptus played his Pro Matz Gaming Mat.

The mat shown is our Arid Desert Theme (PM0040) in our 6’x4’ size.

Our Pro Matz game mats will transform your gaming table into an epic battlefield when playing this Napoleonic era table top game.

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Photos by Adam Hughes

WarGods of Ægyptus is a game of Mythological Fantasy - a world filled with vengeful gods and cunning priests, flashing swords and powerful sorcery, mighty heroes and nefarious villains. While a work of the imagination, the setting finds its roots in the history, and more importantly, the mythology of Ancient Egypt. However, the battles of the Harbingers take place before the dawn of time, and though you may find many of the names, places, and even some of the events similar to what you already know, don't be fooled -- no historian has ever set down the history you will find within the pages of WarGods of Ægyptus!

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