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  • Blue Geometric Theme Gaming Mat
  • Examples of our Pro Matz in use with table top gaming board games
  • Examples of our Pro Matz in use with table top gaming board games

Blue Geometric Theme Gaming Mat

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* This is not a neoprene mouse pad material and may not be the exact size. See description below:

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Product Description

Our ProMatz™ are a revolutionary felt-like, rubber backed roll up game mat for serious war gaming performance. Our ProMatz gaming mat will transform any table into an enriched gaming experience. This mat is firm enough to lay flat and flexible enough to roll up for storage. The surface is smooth to the touch, while the back side has a non-slip rubber backing that grips your table surface.

• Dice will not bounce excessively and are less noisy
• Cards are easier to pick up, and are less likely to get damaged
• Tiles, boards, bits and pieces are less likely to move around when bumped

• Lightweight, and soft to the touch, polyester felt-like surface
• Non-slip grip textured rubber backing
• Superior strength and durability
• Simple to roll up & easy to store
• Six sizes to choose from: 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, 3x6, 4x6, & 4x8 (all sizes are in feet)

GRID ADD-ON: We offer different grids to add to your GameMatz gaming mat. Click on the "Add Ons" link in the main menu above to learn more about your custom grid options:

PRODUCTION TIME: When ordering your ProMatz™ please keep in mind the production time for your mat which is about 2 weeks. Due to the printing process, this production time cannot be expedited. PLEASE ALLOW THE APPROPRIATE PRODUCTION TIME BEFORE WE SHIP.

*** International Shipping is not available for this product at this time.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, because of the inherent difficulties of printing on absorbent material we cannot guarantee color matching. All monitors, tablets, and phones are calibrated differently and because of that it is impossible to match the printed color exactly to the images you are viewing on this website. *Due to the large size and manual manufacturing process, exact mat size may have +/- 1" (2.5 cm) discrepancy.


Product Reviews

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  1. Great quality, almost perfect! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 27th 2017

    I ordered the 4'x4'. The print quality of the graphics was great and is a fantastic surface for most games. I'd definitely recommend it bearing a couple issues that are generally minor:

    The felt top does have a bit of a fuzzy pile to it. While generally perfect for gaming, it does cause an issue with sleeved cards where the pointed corners will stab into the material. This won't cause damage to the cards or the mat but can get a little annoying sometimes when trying to slide cards around.

    The product is thick and heavy and is shipped rolled. As a result, it can take quite a while for the mat to finally flatten out on a tabletop surface. Took around a month for all the bumps and kinks to work their way out.

  2. excellent mat. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 26th 2017

    This i for a 3'x6' size model.

    Let me first say that my mat came with some minor flaws. The customer service promptly rectified the situation so no star drops there because these mats are amazing.
    The surface is not at all like the mousepad mats. The felt like surface definitely makes tiles, cards, and miniatures less likely to get knocked around or slip during that occasional accidental table bump. The design is very nice and with very sharp lines, regardless of the fuzzy surface. I wish the color was a bit more vibrant but that seems to be the nature of printing on this type of surface. This is where neoprene mats seem to have the advantage, if your priority is graphics alone.

    So the surface is excellent. What surprised me just as much was the quality of the rubber back. The rubber has a very organic texture and is quite stiff. That texture makes it grip extremely well to my wood table surface. I feel it definitely grips better than the standard neoprene mats.

    Finally how the mat rolls. The mat itself is much stiffer than a squishy neoprene mat. It rolls like a beauty. It's stiffness allows it to lay flat rather quickly when unrolled, but it also makes it a pleasure to roll back and store. The edges keep a slight curvature upon unrollling, but some counter rolling will fix that in a few minutes. Something i have never been able to do with a neoprene mat. For a mousepad mat this size, the only way i can achieve pure flatness is by leaving it on the table overnight, sometimes with books on top. Not very practical if you dont have a dedicated game room with a table constantly set up. This mat very much so fixes that if you are in my same boat. Easy storage, quick setup, and it lays flat in minutes.

    They claim the mat is also completely okay to throw in the washing machine. I havent tested this yet, but i actually plan to.

    Try a promat out. I definitely want more.

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