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The mat I purchased is absolutely perfect. You folks produce the best gaming mats on the market. Thank you again!
Michael Zabkar, Mike's Games and Collectibles, Auburn, CA
The mat was super awesome and is like icing on the cake for gaming. Easy to pick-up my cards, comfy to rest my arms on, and it rolls up nicely! Definitely a must have for tabletop gaming!
Robert Duncan, Creator and owner of Counter Clockwork Games
I have been playing tabletop miniature games since 1993 and have played several games that require mats. Over the years I have owned grids, maps, tiles, and even created my own. The Gamematz ProMatz is the most advanced and highest quality mat I've ever owned. The rubber backing prevents sliding and the highly detailed felt top is simply beautiful. Do yourself a favor and get one. You will have your game group asking where you got it.
Nick Ward, Owner of Tabletop Xwing Pilot
Is The Promatz, by Gamematz, a high-tech gaming mat? Or is it a piece of art? As a photographer / gamer with 25 years experience, I’m convinced The Promatz is both. And while I expected it to propel my miniatures-photography, I didn’t expect to take so many photos of the mat alone. Often using it for elaborate, deepspace photo-backgrounds as well as gaming. The only downside is the analysis paralysis associated with selecting my 2nd Gamematz design!
These are AWESOME gaming mats and really add to a tabletop game. We loved playing the Dust World Expo tournament on this mat - highly recommend them!
Wade Page, San Diego, CA
The mats arrived today. They look really great. They are exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with them. Thank you for an excellent product.
Tony Adams, Kickstarter Backer
I'm so inlove with my new galactic battlefield!! Thank you Gamematz!!!
Piero Ruiz, Hollywood, FL
Great quality awesome detail.. And dice bounce perfectly.
Tom Peterson, Plainfield, IL
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