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“This is an incredibly high-quality tabletop game mat, that isn’t just an overgrown mousepad. This is a serious game mat, and it worth your time and money to invest in this Kickstarter project. Do it!”

-The Totally Board



Game Matz ProMatz Table Top Cover Review by Undead Viking Videos



Accessory Roundup: Wyrmwood, ProMatz, Nutsaks Review by Board Game Brawl [Review starts at “9:20”]



Fellow Wargammers, Happy Friday the 13th! Why do you need a Pro Matz Industrial Grade Gaming Mat by GameMatz?

The Pro Matz gaming mat by GameMatz should be the number one item in your war-gaming locker! (Besides your gaming models of course). After all of my years playing miniature based games, the Pro Matz gaming mat is by far the best gaming mat I've ever used. I've played games on all kinds of mats as well as custom made gaming tables with organic and textured tops. This product is made from the highest quality materials and I can see this mat lasting through a nuclear war. The movie above proves that point.

Not only is this mat fantastic to play games on, it photographs extremely well. The visual depth of field offered by the variety of designs, create a realistic landscape for all of my filming and photography needs. You will be amazed as to how well your models will photograph on this mat. Here on out, the Pro Matz gaming mat by GameMatz, will be my model of choice for all of my mini movie film-making needs.

I trusted this Pro Matz so much, that I chose to use some of my most rarest miniatures to make this film. These models are from the Leading Edge Aliens Wargame. I've never seen these models photograph so well before. The mat offered a soft cushion for the Aliens to land on when they exploded to their deaths.

I hope you enjoyed my latest movie and if you are interested in purchasing the best gaming mat around, please visit:




Whether you play boardgames or tabletop miniatures, ProMatz™ industrial grade tabletop armor enhances game play. ProMatz a revolutionary felt-like, rubber-backed roll-up game mat for serious tabletop gaming performance. ProMatz gaming mat will transform any table into an enriched gaming experience. ProMatz are firm and lay flat and flexible enough to roll up for storage. The surface is smooth to the touch, while the back side has a nonslip rubber backing that grips your table surface. Whether you are playing board games or tabletop miniatures, these mats are industrial grade tabletop armor for the ultimate gaming experience.



I sent Jason From DefyMedia one of our ProMatz to use in thier pilot episode for a new DnD series. Jason was kind enough to send me some footage of the mat being used to share with you all.