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Dust Tactics Game Mats

Dust Tactics & Dust Battlefield is a tabletop miniatures game played in an alternate 1940s universe created by Paolo Parente. The year is 1947, and the Allied and Axis forces are still clashing on the battlefield. Since the discovery of a revolutionary and mysterious ore, VK, which fuels elite troops and massive combat walkers, brutal combat is the only warfare known.

Dust Battlefield’s engaging game setting, featuring stunning artwork by Paolo Parente, will draw players into a world desperately at war... and the highly detailed miniatures only add to this immersion. Eight included scenarios and nearly limitless customization ensures hundreds of hours of replay-ability, while scalable rules offer a satisfying experience for players of all levels.

Below are some table top gaming mat themes that work great for Dust Tactic, Dust Battlefield, and Dust Warfare.